Social Media Marketing is the most viral instrument of digital communication and with more growth in last years, based in the creation of relationships and loyalty through different typologies of existing digital networks and communities.

Brands must be located from an interactive social setting through which they can surprise, and not only satisfy, needs and desires. Through proper social language they must answer the questions and requests of users, illuminates with concrete solutions to costumer complains and thanks participations. Even users of social networks can influence in various purchase decisions when they express their opinions of brand, companies and products in social networks such as Pinterest, Youtube, Google + and Facebook.

¿Where to start?
¿How do I make visible and profitable my brand in social networks?

Here are some aspects that we consider to support our clients:

  • Expanded rivalry analysis for your sector, this allows to know which brands are participating and in which social networks, what they are doing and how they perform it.
  • Development of a plan for social media, including all their instruments (current and potential improvements) to orchestrate a solid digital chain: your website, blogs, e-mail campaigns, advertising on web portals, cellular phones and social media.
  • Community Management,  managers in charge of operating the strategies of your plan, these same professionals will have the task to protect the online reputation of the brand in the web and the two way social interaction with communities.
  • Advertisements of your brand in digital media such as Facebook, Google, Bing, MSN and others as long they are related to your target.
  • Tracking, Tracking, reports about your investments returns, and conversions on sales in social networks through the impact on social relationships (IOR= Impact of Relationships)
  • Development of special applications for Facebook, Mini websites and other interactive systems adapted to social networks.

Our infrastructure in the management department and optimization of social networks for our clients.

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