• Google AdWords is am online marketing software made by Google that allows you to reach new clients and grow your business. With AdWords, you can choose where your ad will appear, establish a budget that seems appropriate and measure that impact of your advertisement. There is no mandatory minimum investment. You can stop or cancel the publication of your ads at any time.

  • With Google AdWords, you can reach users while they search words or phrases (otherwise known as keywords) or navigate in websites with topics related to your company. Your ad can appear in Google and in their associated websites. With offers of cost per click (CPC), you are charge only when a customer makes click in your advertisement.
  • Search Advertising Process
    Your advertisement is display next to a relevant content Users click in your ads And they connect to your company
  • Benefits of publishing advertisements with Google AdWords

    There are a series of important aspects that make the difference with other types of publicity. With AdWords, you can do this:
    Computer screen Reach Users in the Exact Moment that they Search what you Offer Online
    • Your advertisement is shown to people that are already searching the types of products and services that you offer. For that reason, these people have more probabilities of performing an action.
    • You can choose where your advertisement is going to be shown: in which specific websites and geographical areas (States, cities or even neighborhoods).
    • The  Red de Display de Google (GDN) by itself reaches an 80% of internet users on the U.S.
    Calculator and money Get in Control of your Budget
    • With offers of cost per click (CPC), you are charge only when users click in your advertisement, not when it is published. You can choose among different options of offers.
    • You decide how much to invest monthly and you will never be charge with more than that amount.
    • There is not a minimal obligatory investment.
    Graph You can see exactly what works for your advertisement to take advantage of it
    • You can see a report of your advertisement: you can observe how many new clients reach your company through the advertisement, where they come from and more.
    • Utilize the tools of AdWords to modify and improve your advertisement, and increase the number of potential clients that are in touch with your company.


    Suppose you have a bicycle repair shop near Córdoba. You can configure your advertisements to be shown only to customers in that location. In this way, when users that live there or are visiting search for “bicycle repair shop near Córdoba” in Google search, they can look your advertisement and click it to get in touch with your company. Source: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/1704410?hl=es-001