El Inbound Marketing is one of the new tendencies in the universe of marketing. Reasons for this are not lacking, since it has become one of the most efficient systems for branding, give visibility to brands on internet,, attract potential clients  attract potential clients , build customer loyalty , and most definitely, to createa client acquisition channel  for each company..

Key elements of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing as a concept was coined in 2006 by the American software company HubSpot. The notion originated around a methodology centered in the internet creation and publication of high quality contents with a concrete goal:  To create a process of attracting users oriented to generate new business for companies.

In practice, Inbound Marketing is composed of three elements:

Content of interest.. On one side, requires the creation of interesting content (and if possible, of high quality) for those internet users that are intended to be attracted, and that are going to be the basis for carrying out subsequent actions.

Attracting traffic to our website or blog. Second, Inbound Marketing is compose of different  combine online marketing strategies, that are the ones that end up generating the effect of attraction to capture in the aftermath the personal data of those internet users. The combine use of different marketing technics to attract traffic to a website if known as Attraction Marketing.

Marketing Automation.. Finally, we proceed to  educate and accompany the internet user  mthrough diverse automatic interactions based on its profile and behavior along the buying process until they adopt (or not) a buying decision.

The construction of an audience or an own channel of potential customer acquisitionAny company that wants to build a brand –or reinforce it– has at its scope a market of advertising channels that will allow them to make themselves known. From Google, to a newspaper and ending up in a television chain, companies can rent advertising spaces in which audiences that are interested are grouped.

Though traditionally this has been the main method through which most of companies has operated in order to achieve visibility for their brands, the truth is that this formula generates a  big dependency in these advertising media. As competition increases, prices rise and the margins erode, or well, if an economic crisis erupts, there is a decrease in demand, which makes prices to advertise plummet. However, for some years ago there has been an alternative to dependency on traditional advertising channels:la the possibility of building an audience or a potential customer acquisition channel. A circumstance that obey to multiple factors:

From those companies capable to create websites with multiple number of visits, or that have achieved a great number of followers in social networks, we could say that they have opted to rebel against rental advertising media. In other words, it is possible to claim that they have gotten a channel that belongs to them and that can end up giving them  effective independence regarding unrelated payment channels.

Regardless being very effective to companies, it is not easy to achieve this goal. Not going too far, the secrecy that surrounds this type of constructions is, precisely, the main obstacle.

Here is where the Inbound Marketing comes into scene. In fact, this is the first systematize methodology that allows the construction of an audience or an own attraction channel for potential business opportunities.

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