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Web Platform for Apps:
All apps can be monitored through an on-line platform provided by Consorcio Creativo. This platform allows to update data in real time. In this way you will be able to connect from anywhere (with an internet connection) to apps and check and download all necessary information regarding to them.

Reports, Statistics and Alarms:
System of reports and statistics to present information in precise form in order to streamline decision making. In addition, summaries are made to show general information of each area. Inside of the information analysis, some indicators are observe to comply certain previously stablished standards. If those standards are exceeded, an alarm is automatically generated and sent to an email account or mobile phone, to notify the emergency in automatic form.

Users and chat systems:
All apps have different levels of administration, in this way it is possible to have separate users and each one of them with their own permissions. Also inside the system a channel is enabled to allow users to talk over chat or to communicate news with all other users.

Surveys and Web Forms:
Data is obtain by filling surveys or forms created by Consorcio Creativo based in questions created by each company, with the assistantship of Consorcio Creativo. In this way, data that is important for the company is compiled. Thus, the company has absolute control of the collected data.